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Eko DUO is elevating the way clinicians detect and monitor cardiac and respiratory disease by bringing together advanced sensors, patient and provider software, and AI-powered analysis.


Using a strict user-centered process, the challenge of designing a device experience that records an echocardiogram (ECG) and phonocardiogram (PCG) for 120 seconds, while also collecting relevant clinical information

  • The process began with in-depth user research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs, preferences, and behaviors of the target users. Studying healthcare professionals, such as cardiologists or medical technicians, who were responsible for using the device to record ECG and PCG data. Additionally, research was conducted to understand the specific clinical characteristics, past medical history, recent medications and procedures, laboratory data, and echocardiographic and ECG studies that need to be collected alongside the recordings.
  • Based on the insights gathered from the user research, a detailed set of user requirements were established. We identified key features and functionalities that the device should possess to meet the needs of the healthcare professionals. The device should be intuitive, easy to use, and familiar to the users, ensuring a seamless experience. The requirements should also address the collection of clinical information, ensuring the necessary data points are captured accurately.
  • Using the user requirements as a guide, we created prototypes and conducted iterative design and testing cycles. Involving the creation of the device interface that allowing for simultaneous recording of the ECG and PCG for the specified duration of 120 seconds. The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear instructions and visual feedback to guide the users through the process. The collection of clinical characteristics, medical history, medications, procedures, laboratory data, and other relevant information should be seamlessly integrated into the device’s workflow.
  • Throughout the design process, usability testing is conducted with representative users. Allowing for feedback on the device’s usability, effectiveness, and overall user experience. The insights gathered from testing sessions are used to refine the design, ensuring that the device meets the needs of the users and addresses any usability issues that arise.
  • Based on the feedback and insights gained from usability testing, we worked through the necessary refinements to the device’s interface and functionality. The final device interface was developed, incorporating the simultaneous recording of ECG and PCG for 120 seconds, along with the collection of clinical information. The device provided a familiar and impactful experience, enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently and accurately gather the required data.

By following a strict user-centered process, the challenge of designing a device that records an ECG and PCG while collecting clinical information is approached with a deep understanding of the users’ needs and preferences. The result is a device that offers a familiar and impactful experience, promoting efficiency and accuracy in data collection for healthcare professionals.

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