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Improving Ultrasound Workflow with User Centered Design.

Exo, a company specializing in ultrasound technology, conducted in-depth user research to better understand the needs and preferences of medical professionals using ultrasound devices. The company conducted user groups at conferences to gather feedback and insights from potential customers. Based on this research, we designed a handheld ultrasound device with a simple and familiar design that medical professionals would feel comfortable using.


Exo Works was designed with user-centered design principles in mind. The device’s interface was intuitive and easy to use, with familiar elements that clinicians would recognize from traditional ultrasound machines. The device was also compact and portable, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings.

To ensure that the device met the needs of medical professionals, we conducted in-depth user research, we also conducted user groups at POCUS conferences, where medical professionals could try out the device and provide feedback on its design and usability. This feedback was incorporated into the final design of the device, ensuring that it met the needs of its users.


Medical professionals were very pleased with its familiar design and ease of use. The device’s simple interface made it easy to use, even for medical professionals who were not familiar with ultrasound technology.

The handheld device had a positive impact on ultrasound workflow. Medical professionals were able to quickly obtain high-quality images, reducing the time required for procedures and improving patient outcomes. The device’s portability also made it easy to use in remote or mobile settings, expanding the range of services that medical professionals could offer.

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