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How to Deal with Workplace Slander and Defamation


Workplace Slander or defamation have no place at work. It is important that employees understand how to protect themselves from workplace slander claims when it goes beyond gossips or claims and hurt their attitude, feelings or happiness along with their reputation.

What is Slander in the Workplace?

The basic meaning of the word ‘slander’ is when a person makes any false statement or any wrong accusation about a person which damages that individual’s reputation or their career in the workplace.

This kind of accusation made by the person is punishable legally as it is a false statement made by the individual without knowing the facts.

Workplace slander or libel happens in most workplaces but the individual needs to tackle them and not let it destroy their life both personally and professionally. Here are a few tips on how to deal with workplace slander.

Dealing With Workplace Slander

Stay away from the negativity in the workplace
  • Any employee in the workplace needs to identify the negative people and the negative gossip in the workplace and stay away from it if they wish to be away from any kind of slandering about any individual.
Never begin a negative conversation
  • Whenever a person is talking to the other employees of the workplace, they must know that never to begin any kind of conversation or gossip negatively and initiate the conversation.
Understand the situation
  • When the individual understands the situation completely they may realize that the problem is not as big as they expecting it to be.
  • The situation may be small just towards a smaller group so it recommends that the person should forget about it and not let the situation affect the personal life or the happiness in their personal life. So it is very essential to see how big or small the situation is in the workplace.
Know the history with the individual
  • The person who is slandering or gossiping negatively in the workplace might have some kind of history with the individual.
  • So they must realize that the person may try and harm the personal feelings of the individual and so the individual should act accordingly towards that whether to ignore it as they aren’t bothered by it or take some necessary action regarding it.
Gather concrete evidence
  • Before taking any kind of necessary action, the person must gather all kinds of the necessary information and entire evidence before they take any further action regarding the situation going on.
  • If the person does not wish to take it publicly then they can personally write a letter to the employee.


  • So, one must know how to deal with slander in the workplace, because, slander is comparing as a very harmful and painful act towards an employee which happens to cause a problem in their life both physically and mentally.
  • If such a thing happens the person should always keep their calm so that they can try and find a solution to the problem as quickly as they can. Approach higher officials if this situation is going out of hands.
  • These problems are common in the workplace so the person should ensure that it isn’t affecting them which will further delay to bring in the solution. So the person should think smartly at this time and solve the problem.