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Kardia Mobile 6L is an FDA-cleared personal EKG that can detect up to six of the most common arrhythmias. Using clinically validated EKG technology and an advanced algorithm, user’s receive an accurate analysis of their heart rhythm with every recording in just 30 seconds.


Evaluating the existing Kardia mobile application, extracting information on usage and overall satisfaction, leveraging the data to inform the identified gaps and opportunities.


Redesigning Kardia Mobile was accomplished using the double diamond model to form a shared understanding, using design sprints, journey maps, storyboards and prototypes to allow the entire company a voice and lens into every aspect of the project.

Focusing on qualitative data collection and analysis to extract rich design insights. Specifically, we used contextual inquiry, affinity diagramming and empathy mapping to capture insights about user patterns and the impacting factors. We condensed our insights in design goals and followed a rigorous design and feedback cycle to create a user experience which could support a diverse range of tasks for each end-user. Every design iteration was validated and improved upon based on the performed study.

Kardia Mobile

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